“You have opened my heart even more. I have never heard such prayerful music for Mother Mary.”

“It was beautiful! I look forward to more of your music. In this day and age of techno, it's especially promising to hear voices, beautiful, unadulterated voices. Thanks.”

“Angels in the human body. What a blessing for all of us!”


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Welcome Brigid Reviews

Katy, I had NO idea that you are a singer, let alone a phenomenal artist. I can hardly break away from listening to the different excerpts from your CD's. You and Amy are such powerful channelers of music that goes straight into the heart. Truly, I have physically felt the vibrations of your music in my heart and have tears in my eyes. You are deeply connected to the Source--thank you for your courage in sharing this. I will be ordering your CD's, and am already contemplating them for special people for the holidays. And I will pass the word along. Your channeling/creating is deeply needed in this world.
Many blessings, Roxanne Howe-Murphy, CA

I just received your Welcome Brigid CD and want to thank you for this lovely Goddess honoring CD. Your voice is heaven sent, the chants divine and you my dear must be an angel. I hope to catch one of your live concerts this season. I will share your CD with my women's circle and listen to it all the way to the winter solstice chamber in VT where we're going to honor the returning of the light
Blessed be to you. Jenna Houston, NY

I've been meaning to email you to tell you how much I've been enjoying your CD that I bought the night Jordy and I came to hear you sing at the Monastary. I did end up buying the one you suggested for massage I haven't been able to take it out of my Alarm clock CD player because we love waking up to it early in the morning... so, it will eventually make it to my massage room CD player but for now, it's all mine to awake to! Thank you for your beautiful voice!
Dana Scarano, Massage Therapist and Birth Doula

I am thrilled with my new CD, "Welcome Brigid," and I plan to use the order form to get one for a friend, who will love and appreciate it as I do. This is a beautiful tribute to the Divine Feminine which I believe, as you do, is leading a change of consciousness in the world. This is beautiful and sacred music. Thank you.
Love, Nancy May, NC

Your music really did call forth and welcome the Divine. So awesome! By your reaching to and through the Divine Feminine, you opened a pathway, never before recognized, through a two-year block, a lifelong block. You helped me recall love. Thank you.
Linda Candlish, Psychologist, PA

Just a quick note to say that we received the CD and it is so beautiful! I listened to it on Saturday while I was working in the house; you have really created something peaceful and joyful and deep and connected. I'm sure people will be loving it everywhere you go.
Terry Blaine, Woodstock, NY

this new disc is so incredible i cannot believe it. brilliant. i need 10 more because i did not get enough and thought of a few other people that will just be blown away. i'll mail you a check. unbelievable- bravo :)
xoxo nan brunory, NC

i am so loving your music. i have been playing it morning noon and night.
thanks be peace.........ann, NH

I wanted to tell you that your voice was the first music I played in my new home- what gorgeous consecration! it was like you were blessing my home with your beautiful words and breath- my friend came into my room as i was playing it and she said, "It sounds so beautiful in here, like there are angels in your room." i said, "there are!" thank you, green goddess, you honey throated songbird for flying through my home! I am so grateful AND your music is so magnificent. i am planning on getting a few more from you soon for gifts, just so you know. I send you love, sweet blessings, and waves of gratitude and wonder.
Dori Midnight, CA


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Performance Reviews

Singer Immerses Audience in von Bingen's World
by Kitty Montgomery, Kingston Daily Freeman, May 2002

Medievalists, mystics and the musically curious cloistered together at the Church of the Holy Cross to witness Katy Taylor channeling the spirit of Hildegard von Bingen in chant song Saturday evening. Taylor is the equivalent of the Phantom of the Opera at this high-vaulted Episcopal sanctuary where she is behind-the-scene organizer of its Artist-in-Residence program.

In her public professional life, Taylor has toured continental North America and Europe, singing sacred and traditional folk music with Celtic groups and medieval choirs, including the Vermont-based Anima. A residency in Vienna, where she absorbed language and music and subsequent study of medieval repertoire with the international ensemble, Sequentia, led to her encounter with the legacy of von Bingen, the 12th century German abbess who transcribed her visions in song.

At the time of von Bingen's birth, 1038, when Christianity shone as the high point of compassionate civilization among Teutonic tribes, aristocratic patriarchs paid tribute to the church by tithing their babies. Von Bingen went into the cloister at age 8, took vows at 18 and became abbess of her own order, in Bingen at 38.

In a spiritual awakening, concurrent with physical illness, she was subject to aural and visual illuminations, which she transcribed. No morbid visions of sinful flesh and torments of hell for this bride of Christ and full-blooded daughter of man. Von Bingen's songs, set in Latin, celebrate the joyous conjunction of the Christian miraculous with the wonder of life on earth.

As a side vocation to her interior life of beatific visions, von Bingen took to task sacred and secular authorities of her day for failing to create the conditions of heaven on earth. She survived most of the bishops and popes she chastised, ascending in her 81st year, to live again, wherever her songs are sung.

A capella, or accompanying herself on hurdy-gurdy, Taylor makes no pretense of incarnating von Bingen or revealing mysteries. She simply disappears into line and tone, articulating a spectrum of ecstatic and grateful texts that spend with the natural waterfall ululation of a hermit thrush. No folksy-breathy madrigal singer's preciousness afflicts the purity, no intrusive operatic vibrato forces splendor. The quality is clear as clear water, its sonic reflection enhanced by the sanctuary's resonance, and we are transported by our immersion in it.


Workshop Reviews – Hildegard von Bingen

Katy, your voice is graceful and moving. I am so very grateful to have met a woman with such passion and talent in her heart, mind, and soul. I also enjoyed the chance to really experience and witness the healing power of chant! I think you are a wonderful teacher.  

  I loved your introducing the modes by having us sing the short phrases in them and then having us move, draw, whatever to them, however we felt inspired. Such a change from traditional classical learning! I also think it was great that you were flexible enough to go on to the third mode when the group expressed interest. I'm glad you're out there doing this!

Katy, It was a beautiful afternoon singing with you last week! I loved the workshop just the way it was. I was pleasantly surprised that people of all levels of experience were able to come together and inhabit the feeling and sounds of Hildegard . . . it felt magical! I felt the exercise of expressing what the essence of her music was in other forms . . . words, drawing, movement, etc. was really useful to experiencing it . And as usual I love to hear you sing . . . you have embodied her music and the love you have for it really shows.  

  What a great intro to Hildegard's music!! It certainly wet my appetite. I walked away wanting to do more, wishing there was a group I could join . . . And I could listen to you singing her music forever! I absolutely loved the way you made us listen, letting the music wash over us, being open to whichever way it affected us. That was a new experience for me. Thank you so much. I loved being there and meeting you.

Your workshop was a big experience for me. I was impressed and moved by the variety of Hildegard's music, especially by all those very human feelings in it. I hadn't expected that it was possible to experience this music from such a different time and cultural background in such an intense and natural way. Thank you a lot! These three hours definitely made me very curious about Hildegard's music -- to listen to it more and, if possible, to sing it with others. Thank you so much, and especially for singing it so beautifully to us!  


Reviews from Venues
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I highly recommend Katy Taylor as a guest performer for any spiritual conference or training. I have worked with Katy on many occasions and find her to be not only a gifted performer but also an impeccable professional. Her music is mystical and reverent, adding beauty and wonder to any gathering, regardless of its particular spiritual orientation. People come away from her performances deeply moved and inspired but also profoundly quiet inside as if they had been engaged in prayer, which in fact they have. Katy and her music are just the healing medicine that our world needs during these turbulent times.
Gail Straub, Author and Executive Director,
Empowerment Training Programs

  Katy Taylor is a favorite here at Kripalu. Her celtic style and a capella arrangements fill our main chapel here gloriously. Not to mention her unique style in starting off all of her concerts. It seems to never fail....the way she brings tears to peoples eyes when she and Amy slowly enter the evening with a simple drum beat and voices of angels. She is dependable, flexible and mostly generous and loving. We not only reap the benefits of Katy's talent and folklore, but also of the privilege of being around her beauty, thoughtfulness and power. She is a unique woman and welcome back here any time we can have her. She comes highly recommended here from the Kripalu Center. If I were to be asked to sum Katy Taylor up in a couple of words, I would have to say....splendid....Katy Taylor is passionately splendid!
Stephanie Campbell, Director of Evening Programs
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

The Clearwater festival was a wonderful success, largely due to the exciting and diverse music booked for this year's event. For over 30 years, Clearwater has been holding a river celebration called "Revival." Revival awakens us to remember we are not alone in our intent to create a healthy planet. Our festival has had a special environmental emphasis bridging its music, art, and entertainment with the honoring of the land. Nothing gives us greater balance than joining with others committed to the same purpose.

It is with deep gratitude to the talented performers who helped us all celebrate and inspired us to care for the earth, that we say "Thank you, Katy and Amy, for your participation at the Great Hudson River Revival 2002."
Ron Aja, Director of Special Events


  Katy's music is as healing as it is beautiful. Not only does her voice touch our hearts and souls, but her gentle presence itself is a gift. She tunes into the specific needs of each group and works with the leader to create exactly what they want. Whenever Katy has sung for my women's circles, the women have talked about the experience for days.
Jalaja Bonheim
Institute for Circlework
Author of The Hunger for Ecstasy