“We crack open the stuck places through the work of art.”

The Everyday Work of Art, p. 273

“You are the truth from foot to brow. What else would you like to know?”


“Inside you there's an artist you don't know about. ...Say yes quickly, if you know, if you've known it from before the beginning of the universe.”


Life Practice Offerings

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As part of her own practice, it is Katy's great honor and delight to support you on your path, not only through empowering you to build your own practice, but also by offering her services.

See the Life Practice pages in particular for more background information about these offerings. If you don't see these listed on the Calendar, feel free to contact Katy to set up a one-to-one session or arrange a group class.



Katy's Flower Angel Doll

Workshops and Sessions

Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga is a wonderful way to invite people to relax, create connections between them, and help them to make contact with their own inner sense of wellbeing and joy. It can be offered as a free-standing session or as part of a larger program.

Singing Meditation
Singing Meditation was created by Ruthie Rosauer. In this participatory singing, we sing simple chants and rounds in a group and then dissolve into silence for moments of meditation and stillness together. Then out of that stillness, we start to sing again. Read more here.

Poetry Meditation
Poetry Meditation can be offered as a Workshop or in a single session. In either case, poetry is read as part of a meditative space with silence for taking it in. Depending on the situation small-group reflection and exercises may be included.

Collage Workshop
Read about collage workshops and see endorsements here.

Katy's Angels Workshop
Learn to create an Angel doll to keep your memory of someone or something alive. Perhaps you are trying to remember your wild side, or your inner child, or your soft, tender self, or your nurturing side. Creating an Angel doll that visually expresses these qualities provides you with a tangible reminder to bring them into your life. All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring materials (cloth, ribbons, leaves, beads, etc.) you'd like to incorporate. Angels vary in size, but tend to be 8-12 inches tall. See photos of Katy's Angels.

Body Prayer: Embracing our Physical Being
Body Prayer can be offered as a single session or as a Workshop series. Each session focuses on a different way that we can cultivate more presence in our bodies so that our bodies assist us as vehicles of awakening. Practices include meditation, yoga, various forms of movement as prayer, and circle dancing. Read more about body prayer here.



Interfaith Ministry
I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, graduating from The New Seminary in New York City in 2006. I enjoy serving as a guest, facilitating chant services, and helping create any ceremony or ritual you would like—from weddings to funerals, to baby namings, pet blessings, or transition rituals. I specialize in helping you personalize and create your own ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs. Rates vary depending on the occasion and amount of assistance needed. Read more here.

Wholeness Mentoring
We all know what it’s like to be filled with joy, to receive a flash of exquisite clarity, or to feel deep, sweet love. What if it were possible to experience such moments more often? What if these qualities were actually part of our birthright, part and parcel of what makes us human?

As a Wholeness Mentor, Katy's has a full pantry stocked with a wealth of ingredients to help you get more in touch with your own inner wholeness. From this place of natural presence, you have more access to your inner joy, clarity, love, aliveness, wisdom, ease, gratefulness, and more...You come home to your authentic self.

Katy brings her background in the Enneagram, her own years of psychological work and spiritual practice, and her training as an Interfaith Minister to each session she offers. Contact her for more information or to book a session. She offers consultations and ongoing mentoring via telephone, in-person, or email. Sliding scale of $50-$75 for a 1-hour consultation or $75-$100 for an hour and a half. Email consultations are also available. See endorsements and download a brochure about Wholeness Mentoring.

Katy's Music: Celticky and Medieval Chant and Song
Katy has five CDs and also offers concerts. You can listen to samples and read more about her music and what others have said about her music.

Personalized Collages
Read about personalized collages here.

Collage Consultations
Read about collage consultations and see endorsements here.

Katy's Angels
Katy can create a beautiful Angel doll for you. She thinks of these angels as "keepers"—they keep our memory of someone or something alive. Perhaps you are trying to remember your wild side, or your inner child, or your soft, tender self, or your nurturing side. Seeing an Angel that visually expresses these qualities provides you with a tangible reminder to bring them into your life. You may provide materials you'd like incorporated if you wish, and you will have the opportunity to express what you would like the Angel to impart. Rates vary depending on the amount of time spent gathering the information and elaborateness of the Angel ($100-$300). See photos of Katy's Angels.

Poetry Prayer List
If you'd like to receive some poetry in your email, you can sign up to be on Katy's Poetry/Prayer List. She sends out sporadic email no more than 1-2/week, but usually less.


Solstice Celebration, 2007

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