“You are the truth from foot to brow. What else would you like to know?”


“...Physicality is simply a form that presence takes.”

The Point, p. 31

“The wise and loving marriage of modern invention with the sustaining, nurturing food folkways of our ancestors is the partnership that will transform the 21st c. into the Golden Age...”

Nourishing Traditions, p. xvi


Click to see larger version Collage as a Spiritual Practice
Collage is a way that I connect with a deeper part of myself and gain some clarity about my inner life. In my outer life, for too long I have placed too much value in the intellectual realm—on the importance of amassing knowledge, figuring things out, and knowing what to do...It has been a real challenge for me to allow other kinds of knowing to arise and inform me. Collage allows me to access a deeper knowing that includes my heart and body as well.

My collage process has two forms:

  • Consciously choosing to explore a certain topic because I know there is gold there, something I want to explore and integrate.
  • Starting from scratch with no particular topic and allowing whatever is there to arise.

I find both of these processes yield fruit. Even when I know the topic I want to explore, I don't know what will surface. In both cases, I allow the images, words, colors, shapes, and textures to guide me, to draw me in. I don't know how they will fit together or even if they will, but I gather the materials that call to me and then see what takes shape, allowing the process to inform me as it evolves, and to let me know when it is complete.

I love working with lots of colors, textures, photos, poetry, and found objects—including earrings, beads, jewelry, sticks or leaves, ribbon—amidst the clipped images.

The finished collage often holds new insight and meaning that I wasn't aware of going into it. I love how the process unfolds—it's not about my conscious mind deciding what I need or want, but more about a deeper knowing and wisdom of wholeness and heartfulness and beauty coming through.

I am a Certified Vision Board Counselor. See some of my collages.

Workshops, Consultations, and Personalized Collages

Winged Heart Collage Workshops
We use collage to connect with a deeper part of ourselves, as a way to explore our psycho-spiritual world. In Western society in general, we tend to value the intellectual realm too much — the importance of amassing knowledge, figuring things out, and knowing what to do. Collage offers us a way to access a deeper knowing that is not only intellectual, but includes the heart and body as well.

I call this Winged Heart Collage because when we allow our minds to quiet down so that we can hear the wisdom of the body and the longings of the heart, it is as if the heart had wings. Our hearts can guide us home to Who we truly are, but only if we learn to listen to all of ourselves, not just our chattering minds!

There is less presentation than in most workshops, with most of the time spent on following our inner impulses through collage. Enneagram and Collage topics can be found here. All materials will be provided, but feel free to bring any images or other things that are meaningful that you'd like to include in your collage.

Anonymous reviews from an International Enneagram Association Conference in August of 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia gave Katy and Alexandra Vance a 4.71 on a 5 point scale. They said they enjoyed these aspects the most:

  • The presentation was wonderful and the collage process was enlightening
  • Katy and Alexandra's sharing of their personal experience/transformations thru collage
  • Hands-on experience
  • The lecture made sense
  • Experiential
  • The experience of collaging with the Enneagram

Collage Consultations
In this process, you bring images or choose them while in session, and I guide you to explore the deeper meaning in the images you are selecting and putting together, so that the process can inform your own life journey more consciously. Read more about consultations in general.

Personalized Collages
Katy can create a collage for you or a loved one incorporating materials and pictures you provide. Either way, you will have the opportunity to express what you would like the collage to impart and she will create it for you. Rates vary depending on the amount of time spent gathering the information and size of collage ($75-$200).

  The Vision Board Book
My collage work was recently published in The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz (Harper Collins, 2008). If you're interested in collaging or getting clearer about your own life vision, this is a beautiful book with hundreds of collage and vision board images to inspire you, along with very specific suggestions of how to go about this process yourself. One of my collages is featured on the cover and peeking out beneath it.

For More Information
Please check the calendar, contact Katy or Dave or check out Katy's Holistic Life Coaching.