“The Enneagram helps us to let go of the limiting mechanisms of our personality so that we can more deeply experience who and what we really are.”

Understanding the Enneagram, p. 3

“The Enneagram can help us see what prevents us from remembering this deep truth about who we really are, the truth of our spiritual nature.”

The Wisdom of the Enneagram, p. 28

“...by helping us see how trapped we are in our trances and how estranged we are from our Essential nature, the Enneagram invites us to look deeply into the mystery of our true identity.”

The Wisdom of the Enneagram, p. 17

Enneagram Offerings

Workshops | Authorized Workshops
Couples Mentoring | Consultations and Mentoring

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring: Using the Enneagram as a Map for Personal and Spiritual Growth
Katy and Dave bring their background in the Enneagram, as well as their own years of psychological and spiritual work to each session they offer. Contact them for more information or to book a session. They offer hour-long consultations and ongoing mentoring individually or as a couple, via telephone, in-person, or email:

  • For a consultation to discover your type with Dave or Katy: $75.
  • For a type coaching session (beyond discovering your type): $95.
  • For a consultation with both Dave and Katy: $150.

Katy also offers Holistic Life Coaching incorporating the wisdom of the Enneagram.

Writing Coaching and Editing with the Enneagram
In addition to providing the kind of editing, revision, and proof-reading services that all writing editors and coaches offer, Dave brings a unique dimension to the coaching process based on his knowledge of the Enneagram. Thus, Dave is able to provide more fundamental coaching assistance that is specific to the writer’s Enneagram type. For example:

Working with type-based barriers and obstacles, such as:

  • Writer’s block: getting started—or being able to follow-through—with writing projects.
  • Gaining access to our inner wellsprings of creativity.
  • Finding our unique voice—how our type wants to express and articulate.

Understanding how our type communicates—or fails to communicate—with the reader.

  • Are you a type that perceives with your heart or gut—but is writing for a head-centered audience?
  • Are you a type that makes daring mental leaps and transitions—but forgets to build enough bridges for those who may not be able to leap with you?
  • Are you a type that can easily see connections between even the most disparate things—but may have to be careful about overwhelming the reader with the profusion of your ideas?

These are just a few examples of an Enneagram-based approach to helping writers—at any stage of their writing career—to tap into deeper personal sources of creativity and understanding, and to then effectively communicate what they discover to their audience.

Dave’s own writing includes fiction and poetry, as well as essays and articles on the Enneagram. (For the latter, see the Articles page.) Dave's rate for writing coaching and editing is a sliding scale of $60-$75 per hour.

Couples' Mentoring with the Enneagram

Couples Mentoring: Katy and Dave offer Enneagram-based couples' counseling per above.

Prepare and Enrich Mentoring: As an Interfaith Minster, Katy trained to administer the nationally known pre-marital program, Prepare and Enrich, which helps couples prepare for or enrich their marriage. She and Dave have augmented the Prepare and Enrich material with the depth the Enneagram brings to understanding personality differences, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a compassionate communication style to deepen connection.

We are very grateful for the time we spent with Katy and Dave. We were worried about being routed through a pre-designed "course" in premarital counseling, but this was not at all the case. With the Enneagram and through personal conversations, they had a very good sense of who we are, and tailored each session to us. Since we are an interfaith couple (Jewish and Buddhist), it was important to us that any counseling not come from a specific religious doctrine. We never felt pressured into a system of beliefs. Rather than handing us values to be followed, Katy and Dave gave us the skills and framework to resolve any challenges that arise in our life together. With them, we learned ways to communicate with each other openly, kindly, and honestly. We are sure that these methods will guide us through difficult situations and conversations in years to come. Neither of us can envision a better counseling duo--sessions with Katy and Dave were meaningful and thoughtfully structured. - Eric and Kate

The Basic Prepare and Enrich/Enneagram course is seven 2-hour sessions, each 2-3 weeks apart so there's time to process in between. Advanced modules are also available if desired or if certain things come up as issues during the basic series, but they are not required. The basic seven sessions, are a set fee of $600, which includes taking the Prepare and Enrich inventory, as well as the two Enneagram personality inventories: the RHETI and the IVQ. It also includes email correspondence to get clear about Enneagram results if necessary and any email touching-base that is desired during the whole process. Any extra meetings, or any extra modules would be charged for at a sliding scale fee of $75-$100 for a 1-hour session.

At the end of the course, you will receive a notarized certificate which is authorized to give you a significant discount on your marriage license in Minnesota.


Katy and Dave offer their own Enneagram Workshops as well as Authorized Riso-Hudson Workshops. See their calendar for current offerints.

Endorsements | Workshop Schedule

Cultivating Receptivity and the Arising of Essence: Gurdjieff’s Enneagram as a Tool for Growth and Transformation
Join certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram instructor Dave Hall for an exploration of the transformational power of the original Gurdjieff Enneagram. Long before Oscar Ichazo discovered the Enneagram’s relevance to personality types, G. I. Gurdjieff taught his students how to use the Enneagram to awaken and to align themselves with the fundamental laws of human consciousness.

One of the key laws embedded in the Enneagram symbol is the “Law of Three,” the understanding of Active, Receptive, and Reconciling forces in our lives. In this workshop, we will explore ways to cultivate greater Receptivity in our personalities. Often, even when we are sincerely motivated to open to new experiences and transformational work, our personalities stubbornly try to maintain the Active role, thus thwarting our desire to be truly open to change and growth. When we can adopt a Receptive stance, allowing the experiential work to fulfill the Active role, we often find that the Reconciling force of Essence spontaneously arises.

We will explore techniques for cultivating Receptivity through presentation, discussion, small group inquiry, and energetic movement. The movements we will be doing are inspired by the more complex “Gurdjieff movements” that were taught to his senior students and can still be studied today with teachers in those lineages. The movements are not physically demanding, but they can be quite fruitfully challenging in other ways. In particular, the movements challenge us to achieve the personal Receptivity necessary to successfully embody them.

Deepening Your Enneagram Practice: A Riso-Hudson Study Group
Do you want to deepen your spiritual practice using the Enneagram? We'd like to help build an intentional community focused on exploring aspects of the Enneagram more deeply and applying what we learn on our spiritual journeys. In each series, we look at the types from a particular perspective, not overviewing the basics, but going deeper into specific aspects to understand the type from the inside out. Each session will include a brief presentation and experiential exercises. Basic Enneagram knowledge assumed.

Cultivating Deeper Contact with the Enneagram: A Workshop/Retreat for Couples
Familiarity with the Enneagram is recommended.

Even in a relationship grounded in love and open communication, we often yearn for deeper contact with each other. We want to feel on the same wavelength, to understand each other, to meet and feel met by each other, to feel considered, to feel unconditionally loved for who we truly are.The Enneagram illuminates many of the structures that stand in the way of such contact, as well as others that actually invite us toward a deeper contact with ourselves, each other, and the moment. With a focus on cultivating our capacities for deep contact, we will explore such Enneagram-relational topics as working with the three “Harmonic” communication styles, nurturing the emotional intelligence of our relationships, and opening to greater intimacy.

Held at the restful, eco-friendly Journey Inn in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, with space for leisurely couples together-time to explore the walking trails, receive a massage, or simply relax. Fee includes tuition, lodging, breakfast and lunch; suppers on your own.

Weekend Workshop
Recommended Books The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

Introduction to the Riso-Hudson Spiritual Approach to the Enneagram
The Enneagram is a psycho-spiritual tool for growth and transformation work that is based on nine basic personality types. In this overview, we will show how the nine types emerge as a direct result of the loss of contact with True Nature/the Divine/God, and how knowing and working with our primary type (we have all 9 types within us) can help us become fuller human beings. If you're new to the Enneagram or just want to explore the Riso-Hudson Approach, this overview of the types emphasizes their spiritual roots and natural unfoldment. Includes teaching, exercises, music, and poetry.

Using the Enneagram in Spiritual Direction
Taught with Riso-Hudson Certified Teacher and Spiritual Director, Karin Grosscup, this workshop explores some of the main features of all nine types to gain an understanding of how our type influences our assumptions about what God wants us to be. We focus on how our type influences both the Spiritual Director and Directee, and the process of Spiritual Direction. We elaborate on the potential challenges and discuss possible ways to respond. Includes teachings, music, poetry, practices, experiential exercises, and silence.

2-day workshop
Recommended Book: The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson
See endorsements

Enneagram and Collage Workshops
Collage is a beautiful and accessible way to connect with your intuition, thus allowing deeper understanding and insight to arise. As a folk art, it doesn’t require long training to acquire skills, special paper or images, or the learning of a new system. (You can even help the planet by recycling magazines, boxboard, cardboard, cards, scraps of ribbon and cloth, old jewelry, and more into your collages.) Katy can customize a collage workshop to offer intuitive insight into almost any topic of exploration in a minimum 3-hour format. Here are some of the ways we can use collage to explore the Enneagram:

  • Deepening with the Enneagram Centers
  • Exploring the Instincts
  • Integrating the Essential Enneagram
  • Illuminating Your Type
  • Creating Enneagram Essence Cards

With meditation, music, and poetry, Katy leads you through a process of grounding in the body, opening to the heart, and calming of the mind. From this place of deepened presence, the heart has wings—it is free to explore whatever is most needed for your own psycho-spiritual growth in the moment. After a brief teaching on the theme, we gather the images that attract us in silence, arrange them, and glue them down, allowing our right-brain to do the leading, not questioning or second-guessing what arises. Katy then leads you with questions to explore your collage and open to its deeper insights, after which there is guided sharing with others. All materials are provided, but you are free to bring any images, photos, or bits and scraps that you might want to include.

Nourishing the Divine Feminine with the Enneagram
For women only. This Workshop explores how we as women can learn to embody more of our Feminine Instinctual energy. Using the Enneagram teaching of the Instincts (Self-Preservation, Sexual/Attraction, and Social), we will explore how the prioritization of specific Instincts and the resulting neglect of others affects our ability to embrace our full Feminine potential. Includes presentation, as well as meditation, music, poetry, and experiential exercises. Dress comfortably.

One-day Retreat format
Recommended Books: The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

Riso-Hudson Authorized Workshops

The Enneagram Institute has trained qualified Riso-Hudson Certified Teachers to teach their core Workshops worldwide, so that participants anywhere will get the same content, exercises, and Riso-Hudson psycho-spiritual orientation. Dave and Katy are happy to be offering these Workshops, which introduce or deepen students' knowledge of key Riso-Hudson teachings.

Journey of Growth Workshop: Using the Enneagram to Develop Your Soul
In this workshop, we will explore how to use the Enneagram as a map for the growth and transformation of our souls. Working in-depth with the Levels of Development, we will learn about the triggers that send us into stronger type-reactivity, as well as how to “wake up” to greater Presence and freedom within our type.We will also look closely at the inter-relationships between types, with special attention to how the energies and capacities of the type in our Direction of Growth can influence and aid our soul’s individual journey. This workshop offers a dynamic and embodied way of working with the Enneagram that will facilitate and deepen each student’s unique journey of growth. The Journey of Growth Workshop includes presentation, meditation, music, poetry, experiential exercises, and practical recommendations for growth. Open to students of all levels of experience with the Enneagram. For more information, click here.

Weekend Workshop or 5-week series, with 3-hour classes.

The Three Instincts (Subtypes) Workshop: Create Balance in Your Life and Harmony in your Relationships
Our instinctual nature, while extremely powerful in our daily decision-making processes and lifestyle choices, is given little emphasis in many spiritual paths, and is often treated as an inherent problem to be eliminated. The Enneagram deals very directly with this aspect of the Self through teachings about the Three Instincts: Self-Preservation, Sexual (Attraction), and Social (Adaptation). In this Workshop, we will clarify and deepen our understanding of the Instincts, as well as learn how to balance them, allowing our instinctual energy to enrich our lives. Includes presentation, meditation, music, poetry, experiential exercises, and recommendations for growth. Open to anyone—you don't need to know your type to benefit! For more information, click here.

Weekend Workshop or 5-week series, with 3-hour classes.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram
This Workshop looks at the personality types as nine distinct aspects of human nature that can be found in all of us regardless of our type. We will see how these different parts of ourselves manifest personally in our lives, and how, rightly understood they can lead us to deeper inner resources and lasting joy. We will focus primarily on the spiritual gifts of each type. If you are interested in finding more effective ways of using the Enneagram in your spiritual practice, or if you are interested in exploring the underlying meaning and Wisdom of the Enneagram, this Workshop will be highly relevant to you. Includes presentation, as well as meditation, music, and experiential exercises. For more information, click here.

Weekend Workshop or 4-week series, with 3-hour classes.

The Relationships Workshop: Intimate and Professional
Participants will be guided to use the Enneagram as a profound and immensely practical way to understand their relationships with others, both intimate and professional. Particular dynamics between the different types, effective methods for communicating with each type, and the ways in which the three Instinctual Variants and our experienced childhood orientation affect our main motivations in relationships will be covered. Includes presentation, as well as meditation, music, and experiential exercises. For more information, click here.

Weekend Workshop or 5-week series, with 3-hour classes.