“The spirituality of the Enneagram does not divide us into good (Essence) and bad (personality) but simply recognizes that when we are identified with our personalities, we forget that there is much more to us.”

Understanding the Enneagram, p. 363

“The Enneagram helps us to let go of the limiting mechanisms of our personality so that we can more deeply experience who and what we really are.”

Understanding the Enneagram, p. 3

“The goal is not to strengthen our ego but to transcend its limitations: in so doing, we become increasingly healthy and we increasingly .live in Essence.”

Understanding the Enneagram, p. 358


Workshops | Consultations and Mentoring

Consultation Endorsements

“Thank you for sharing your immense talents with me! I've so enjoyed our Enneagram work and am already seeing the benefits of adding specific Type Nine techniques to my spiritual disciplines. Many thanks and blessings to you.”

—Pam Kowal, St. Paul

"Again, thank you for who you are and where you are in your personal journey. Your insights were and continue to be valuable where I find myself on my journey. Your ‘direct’ and insightful style and demeanor meant a lot to me. Thank you."

—Tony Williams, Georgia

“I can honestly say that Katy Taylor is a blessing in my life because continuously studying and exploring the Enneagram with her brings me much happiness and joy.... Studying with Katy is a safe environment for me where I can always express my feelings and thoughts; in fact, she encourages me with very gentle and meaningful questions. There is no rushing as each question is explored with fulfilling satisfaction as I continue to understand more and more. With sincere gratitude,"

—Mara Diamond, Florida

“I had a great consultation with Katy. She really helped me gain clarity, which was my reason for the consultation. The consultation was really more than I expected. I'm very glad I finally did it!”

—Cynthia Gunselman, Arkansas

Teaching Endorsements
Katy and Dave's Enneagram Teaching

Authorized Workshop: Three Instincts Workshop

Thank you so much. You are both FANTASTIC, GIFTED teachers. It's a sign of good facilitation that it felt like the class was always moving and didn't get sidetracked too easily—a rare facilitation skill.

I found myself so surprised and excited at how well this class worked for me. Your teaching styles hit the right note for me. The visual representations are critical pieces, and the way you organized and presented really works.

I especially enjoyed the poetry and visual imagery in presentations, and I so enjoyed the role-sharing between the two of you.

I found most enjoyable your ease in co-facilitation, the comfortable ambiance, your comfort with the material, and your openness to questions.

You are comfortable with each other and feel free to add helpful information when needed. You work well together and model interaction for us with each other.

The poetry was very illustrative, and the music gave us a chance to relax. Your explanations were very clear and you were very willing to explain more when we asked.

You gave very clear explanations of the various types with relevant examples for each, and the pace of the presentations was also appropriate.

The class participation was the most helpful—it made me think and be engaged. Visuals and poetry were also great! I thought you both worked really well together.

Authorized Workshop: Journey of Growth (Levels of Development) Workshop

The entire experience was perfect. The most outstanding was your sharing the examples from your own lives and work. Excellent style as teachers. Very clear and complementary.

The meditations were golden. Real life examples were invaluable in understanding the concepts. Your humor made the material and you feel accessible. Music helped me get unstuck from my head.

Most enjoyable is the passion you both show in your work-it is truly engaging. I also enjoyed the poetry and music. I have shared with your via email the impact this has had on my life, and I look forward with joy, anticipation, and trepidation to all the work ahead of me, but am grateful for the tools to start with. Awesome experience!

You were both very clear and passionate and grounded. Taking turns with the material was very balanced. Really valuable and helpful information, and presented in a very authentic, embodied heartful way. Thank you!

Nicely presented, very professional-grade work. I was impressed with the obvious depth of preparation.

Both Dave and Katy were really skilled at embodying the various types authentically—impressive!

It's been great—thanks for everything! This workshop literally changes my life for the better. Thanks.

This has been so helpful for me personally and connecting in a healthier way to my husband and daughter. As a 3, 6 and 9 I see that we can really help each other in the healthy ranges or get lost in a lot of projection in the unhealthy ranges. Professionally, it has really helped we get out of the "do, do" cycle and authentically enjoy my work more, rather than thinking of it as a "performance." Thank you for doing this work!

Presentation was excellent! Going back and forth between teachers had a nice rhythm to it.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for being able to participate in the sessions that I attended with you. I learned so much about myself, and most importantly it gave me the courage and the desire to want to explore more and truly find clarity in my identity. I wish you both holidays filled with only peace and joy, and know that you have made an impact on this soul.

I was really touched by your humility. You are clearly mindful that we are all seekers and travelers. At the same time, your mastery of the material is clear, and you are both warm and succinct.

The Enneagram and Psychotherapy: A Map for the Journey to Greater Health

All of it was sooo good! Thank you!! I got very energized. There was a nice energy between Katy and Dave.

I loved getting a deeper understanding of each type and what that looks like in my clients was very interesting.

I really liked how you broke the type descriptions down into categories such as psychologically healthy, average, unhealthy, and how a therapist or a client of that type might behave.

It was amazing, hope you can begin to see your clients in a new way! I am very interested in learning more!

Thank you for your time on Friday—it was extremely well presented and informational. I would very much be interested in hearing about any future training you offer which expands on what you presented on Friday

I cannot tell you how much positive feedback I've heard already. You did such a nice job, especially with presenting the types in an honest way that didn't seem negative (sometimes I think presenters can error in that direction). I know it was challenging to fit into 2 hours, and I really appreciated how you kept it moving and allowed for participation without having it dominate. It was exactly what I was hoping for in terms of what we might see with clients of each type, and helpful to think about it in terms of our own types as therapists. Thank you for including the part about Levels of Development—I think that was important for people to get. I didn't expect that I would learn much since I'm pretty familiar with the Enneagram, but I got so much out of being there! It just had me thinking about it in new ways.

Katy and Karin Grosscup's Teaching

I was happy to have invested the two days for this workshop. It was very well prepared and presented. Though it was intense, I didn't feel overwhelmed. I appreciated the use of music, poetry, and verbal presentation.

The music was profoundly moving and fit the context of what was being taught. Poetry brought all the material to a clear focus.

I feel a greater trust in my own skill to use the Enneagram AND more respect for the importance of meeting Directees from their perspective.

You were both clear, well-versed in concepts, well-prepared, and knowledgeable.

You were both authentic, tuned into the energies of each type, and well prepared. The presentation was easy to follow.

You modeled presence, interacted with and complemented each other well.

You both brought clarity, compassion, joy, humor, and acceptance. The teachings and teachers were the best I have ever experienced in the Enneagram.

You are both wise, caring teachers.

You are both clear, interesting, and personal, making complementary comments without stepping on each other.

You both have deep knowledge of the Enneagram, as well as self-knowledge and a level of comfort with your own journeys.

I appreciated the goodness and generosity of both teachers, whose love of God and of the material was magnifico!

Katy's Enneagram Teaching

Each week I looked forward to the meetings as a sweet continuing thread through a very big life transition. For me it was a huge gift! Thanks again!

You are very accepting and warm—I think everyone felt comfortable talking.

I liked the eclectic, multi-sensory teaching approach, and the presence of music.

Thanks, Katy! BTW, you do a great job of selecting readings and music/lyrics to complement each type we study. Well done!

You are really wonderful at following through on what you say you will do. I'm amazed at how much I am embracing what you are teaching in our class. Thanks again.

Your style as a teacher was very engaging and you were respectful of giving time for people to ask questions and share their stories.

You're a very good teacher! Good time flow.

I want to thank you for an excellent experience. Your class was fascinating, and you are a truly talented teacher.

You are organized, enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable about the Enneagram-to sum up, an excellent teacher. You did a skilful job leading the classes and taking input and questions from students while still keeping the class on track.

I loved everything about the class! Nice variety in each class with poems, music, etc.

You have a wonderful connection with class members—it felt very personal.

I really enjoyed the meditation being incorporated into the class. It helped ground me and focus after a long day! I liked the integration of the music and poems.

I liked your expression and enthusiasm as the information is presented. Thank you so much—your teaching is amazing!

I liked the multi-media approach to each class. It opened my mind to the various ways of describing each type. I also liked the continuity of the lesson layout. Your descriptions and information about each type were very helpful—your deep knowledge about the Enneagram was invaluable.

Your approach as a teacher is excellent—very accessible, smart, and easy to listen to.

Thanks for being a great teacher, Katy!

The readings and songs that illustrated the points we were learning were excellent. I also really enjoyed the meditation time-over the course of the class, we also learned a new style of meditation.

For More Information
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