“Exactly what I needed... Your voices are from God and I truly bless you both. Thank you again.”

“Thank you for a very special evening last night. Both David and I felt very healed by the music... thank you for an evening of reverence.”

“Towards the end of your concert my tensions melted... faces of individuals I've had conflict with faded into some greater transcendent love. My own fumbling incapacity to love was released into forgiveness and I felt a sense of Grace, Peace, and Joy. Thank you for your gift and the Blessing which flowed through the music and voices!”


Katy Taylor – vocalist, composer, and musician, performs as 'Mirabilis' solo and with Amy Fradon, singing original and medieval chant and song that weaves celtic ornamentation with haunting, mystical chant and prayers. Specializing in the music of Hildegard von Bingen, a capella and accompanied by medieval hurdy gurdy, flutes, and shruti box, Katy and Amy's purity of tone and musical depth inspires and transports.

Katy with her Hurdy Gurdy, and Amy Fradon


Devotional Music – Mystical and Celtic
A mixture of celtic sensibilities and medieval modalities, weaving prayers with chant and song, and reminding us of our connection to the Divine. Original and medieval compositions.
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The Music of Hildegard von Bingen
Passionate, flowing renditions of Hildegard's music, which can be presented as a concert, lecture-demo, or with a slide show of Hildegard's illuminations.
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      Alleluia Virga Mediatrix
      O Rubor
      O Virtus Sapientie

The Ensemble – Mirabilis

Katy performs a capella and with her medieval hurdy gurdy, flutes, and shruti box, both solo and in collaboration with her dear friend and singing partner Amy Fradon. Katy and Amy's voices soar brilliantly and create a hauntingly beautiful and awe-inspiring space where deep healing, blessing, release, and reverence can happen.
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Katy's Original Compositions

Most of my own original music reflects my own spiritual orientation of finding holiness in many forms, and in particular, in the Earth and in the Feminine.

Many pieces were inspired by actual Celtic prayers, which weave a simple, folky connection of Earth, Mother, and Christianity. I found myself reading or praying them and a melody would well up in me. I've edited and adapted some of the original texts, adding the the Goddess (hearkening back to pre-Christian Celtic spirituality). What I love about these prayers is their connection to Earth, to everyday activities -- that we are not separate, but are a part of normal life, from getting up in the morning, to going to bed at night. This is how I'd like to experience my own life more.
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