“The Enneagram can help us see what prevents us from remembering this deep truth about who we really are, the truth of our spiritual nature.”

The Wisdom of the Enneagram, p. 28

“The core truth that the Enneagram conveys to us is that we are much more than our personality. Our personalities are no more than the familiar, conditioned parts of a much wider range of potentials that we all possess.”

The Wisdom of the Enneagram, p. 27

“Transformation happens when our ordinary perspective shifts and we attain a new understanding of who we really are.”

The Wisdom of the Enneagram, p. 382


Katy was introduced to the Enneagram in passing at a Dance New England Summer Camp in the mid-1990s in Maine. Someone had just returned from a Workshop, had brought a 1-sheet handout, and invited people to gather at lunch time to hear about it. Having an affinity for psychological systems, Katy was taken by it immediately and she and her then-partner used it extensively to understand their relationship conflicts and work on their issues.

In 2002, synchronicity landed Katy a job at The Enneagram Institute (the EI), working for best-selling Enneagram authors Don Riso and Russ Hudson in Stone Ridge. When she went for the interview, Don said he was looking for a One or a Three, and Katy piped in with "I'm a One with a Two wing." She was hired to assist the Operations Manager, who later left, and she then stepped into his shoes. She found two more employees to help run the office and moved into overseeing the office and working one-on-one with Don to develop programs, products, and special projects.

In her time with the EI, Katy has completed the full Riso-Hudson Enneagram Training Program, and become both Certified and Authorized as a Riso-Hudson Teacher. As she continues to study the Enneagram, she finds its wisdom continues to deepen in her, bringing more insight and understanding into her own life and the lives of others. She was also ordained in 2006 as an Interfaith Minister.

Dave and Katy Katy is also currently participating in the Diamond Approach Work, a spiritual school that emphasizes the connection between psychology and spirituality, which is also an integral part of the teaching of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram. She belongs with her partner Dave Hall to Midwest Group II, and finds being involved with this spiritual school invaluable in her life and Enneagram work.

Katy and Dave met at The Enneagram of Holy Ideas Workshop in January of 2005 and since then they have been working and living together, practicing the challenging art of "awake" relationship, using the Enneagram as a primary aid in this process. Dave has been studying the Enneagram for many years and is also Certified and Authorized as a Riso-Hudson Teacher. He has practiced Vipassana Buddhist meditation since 1988 and Chi Gong since 1998, and currently works as a psychiatric RN at United Hospital in St. Paul.

Katy and Dave are committed to the process of ongoing inner work to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, and find the Enneagram to be a wonderful guide for this process. It is life-affirming, showing us our vast, untapped potential, and also offers a clear and precise lens to see how we lose ourselves and fall short of that potential. Katy and Dave bring the fruits of their own spiritual explorations together with their experience of the Enneagram in their offering of Workshops and spiritual/life Mentoring.


Here are some links you might want to check out... I'm sure there are many more I could recommend, but these are a few that I find very useful. Enjoy, Katy


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